TaKtiX: Todd Rowland

Todd is the Brand Manager for Alderac Entertainment Group

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Olde Tyme Radio-e

Hey gang,

I was interviewed last week by the Groovy Gamers Groovecast. It's a podcast dedicated to play-by-email and play-by-post games, and we talked about the Winter Court. It was a fun interview and hopefully it will bring more role-players to Rokugan. You can check it out at groovygamers.com. It's Episode 12.

So what else is going on? Khan's Defiance previews! Previews is always a fun time. I love to get up and read all the posts, and even to see how many showed up since i went to sleep. I have to say I'm honestly excited about Samurai Edition and the changes we've made. The rules are a lot more intuitive, and that's coming from someone who has played since Imperial. We're finally doing away with the old "foo-rule". Ogre Bushi wouldn't be an ogre or a bushi unless "Ogre * Bushi" are in his trait area. And having "Ogre Bushi" in the trait area doesn't make him an Ogre or a Bushi, but an "Ogre Bushi" card. Every bold item separated by bullet points or line breaks is its own single trait, even if it has multiple words. It's a lot easier to grasp and a lot better to only have to look to one area for traits.

But that's just one change. Wait until you see about actions in Open, Limited, or Battle. ;)