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Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Winter of Red Snow

Hi Everyone,

So it looks like winter has finally set in for Rokugan, and that means the Shogun is on the move. No doubt you've seen the Khan's Defiance preview trailer already. A few Cranes were complaining about Dragons whipping them around in most of the art in the preview. Bevan gets to pick and choose what art he wants to use out of a pool I provide, and he has no loyalties at all. So it was luck of the draw. Anyway, just to show you that things aren't all gold and green all the time, here's a little preview of another card in the set.

So Brussels was an amazing event, as we've talked about in other places. I rarely update this thing so since we've talked about it on forums and such so much already I'm not going to retype it all again, except to say thank you to everyone who attended.

AND for those of you who felt you didn't get enough notice about the event, we're already working on 2007 Worlds which will of course be at GenCon Indy this time, and the location of the 2008 championships will be announced at GenCon Indy 2007, so you should have ample time to make your plans. Yes, I listened!

Finally, the Creatures book got bumped back a little bit due to proofs from the printer or something like that (don't have the whole story from Ken suffice to say we couldn't help it). It shouldn't be TOO long though, I was told December definitely. Before Christmas. And Art of the Duel is right on schedule (believe it or not).

Hopefully I'll be back here before months pass again.


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