TaKtiX: Todd Rowland

Todd is the Brand Manager for Alderac Entertainment Group

Friday, September 22, 2006

Off to Belgium

About to head overseas to the L5R World Championships. We had over 250 people pre-register, and we expect the total number of players who show up to top 400. Should be a great event. Of course we're running this one all ourselves, so it should be an interesting experience. You'd be surprised just how much work the infrastructure of a major event like this. Food, tables, power, etc. all takes a lot of work. GenCon and Origins take of most of that for us at the other shows. Flying solo on this one! Still it's gonna be great. I demand that if you are there you come and say hi. Can't promise I'll remember your name five minutes later, but I do want to meet you!

So the other big deal about going overseas like this is all the things you have to wrap up before you go. We've got a lot in the pipeline right now, including layout of new RPG books, development on the CCG expansions, cool new stuff like special Clan binders (watch the online store in a few months), and tons of other surprises you'll have coming in 2007.

Oh, and one last thing, if you're going to be at Worlds, bring some extra Euros. Drew Baker and Steve Argyle will be there selling prints and art, House Atreides from the UK will be there selling singles, and we'll have tons of product, including Rise of the Shogun and a lot of honor counters and ivory strongholds courtesy of Flying Tricycle. And the all new Clan shirts will be there but featuring a special World Championships logo just for those who are lucky enough to buy them there!

See you in Brussels!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Just To See If You're Paying Attention

I so rarely get to post here anymore, I thought I'd post up some Khan's Defiance preview art and see if the L5R players even find it. And yes, it's Benika from the Origins storyline event.

Anyway, just got back from the ACD and Alliance East distributor open houses. Samurai Edition, the board game, and the graphic novel all got a lot of excitement, and several stores are planning on picking up L5R and Warlord, so some of you who haven't had a store in a while might find one soon. Both shows were really enjoyable, and I'd like to thank all the people at ACD and Alliance for being great hosts. Special kudos to Mike Webb on his great cookout. I'll have to tell you all sometimes about the days when we played Star Wars RPG (West End d6 system) together. I could go on about that for pages though, so I probably shouldn't start. I will recommend however if you are at Origins to check out Mike's awesome Star Wars scenarios in the miniatures room.