TaKtiX: Todd Rowland

Todd is the Brand Manager for Alderac Entertainment Group

Monday, August 28, 2006

Moving On...

Well, as most of you now know, Mike Leader has assumed the role of Brand Manager for Warlord. I couldn't be more happy leaving it in his more than capable hands. I look forward to seeing the new directions Mike takes the game.

And that of course moves me fully into L5R territory. I have lots of plans for the game, many of which you've already heard about including the board game and graphic novel coming next year. I'll try to post here again more often, though it will have a much more samurai feel...

So if any L5R players happen by, and would like to see my thoughts on a few subjects, leave a comment or two. I'll see what I can do about writing them up. First though should be a little behind the scenes on the World Championships and what we have planned.